We rent pinball machines, organize pinball events and streaming.
We also do pinball playfield swap and restoration services in the Seattle Area.

If you want to change one of your favorite machines for the better, swapping for a new or restored playfield is a great option. We have completed a large number of restoration projects across several manufacturer and area of machine. Contact us regarding rental of pinball machines to your home or office.
You can get a list of machines available for rent and their different pricing HERE.


What We Do

Playfield swap:
Straight playfield swap service assuming a working machine. Parts will be moved from original playfield to the other.
Service starting at $890 (+ taxes) for single level early solid states to $1,000+ for modern/complex games, email for game specific quote.
Other parts provided can be swapped during the transfer (rubbers…), additional parts and services can be replaced at cost + labor ($50/hours).
Repair services to bring the machine to full working condition can be added at cost + labor ($50/hours).

Playfield restoration service:
This is the more thorough playfield and machine restoration service. Mechs get disassembled and cleaned, metal parts ultrasonic cleaned and tumbled, harnessed cleaned, flippers rebuilt, connectors replaced as needed, ball guide regained, parts replaced as available (post, lamp socket, ramps…).
Service starting at $1,290 (+ taxes) for single level early solid states to $1,500+ for modern/complex games & material cost, email for game specific quote.

Playfield can be sent for restoration and/or clear coating to a 3rd party to swap/restore your machine (Las Vegas Playfield). Boards can be sent for professional repairs as well during the process (Coin-Op cauldron). Metal parts can be platted through Pinball Plating and before being swapped back. Backglass reproduction can be purchased from BGresto.
Cabinet work is difficult due to weather but special arrangements can be discussed.

Pickup and delivery of machines to be services within 40 miles of 98052 can be arranged $50 (+ taxes) each way or $85 up to 50 miles.